Online Guide to the New IHSS Overtime Rules


Below is a video produced by the California Department of Social Services covering the new overtime changes. Beneath the video are SAMPLE documents covered in the video. The state will mail copies of the documents you need to your registered address, the copies below are only intended to help you become familiar with the new forms. In addition to the video and documents, we have a brief FAQ to cover some of the most common questions about the new overtime rules and a quiz designed to help test whether you full understand the new regulations.

New Documents for the Overtime Regulations

Documents for Recipients

  • TEMP 3002: The states announcement of the new overtime rules sent to recipients and a brief overview of how these new regulations will work.
  • SOC 2271A: Tells the recipient their monthly and weekly authorized hours. 

Documents for Recipients & Providers

  • SOC 2256 (Recipient & Provider Work Agreement): This document outlines exactly how many hours a week each provider will work for a recipient. The document must be signed by the recipient and all of their providers.

What to do if you are missing a document?

If you have not recieved one of the forms above then please contract 415-557-6200

Documents for Providers

  • TEMP 3001: The states announcement of the new overtime rules sent to providers and a brief overview on how these new regulations work.
  • SOC 846: Provider Agreement form. To continue being an IHSS provider, all providers must read and return a copy of this form stating that they understand and will follow the new overtime regulations.
  • SOC 2271: Tells the provider how many monthly and weekly hours their recipient is authorized to receive. You should receive this in the mail for each recipient you work with. 
  • SOC 2255: This documents outlines a providers responsibilities and consequences for violating the new overtime regulations. In addition providers must list their clients, the number of hours they plan to work with that client and their estimated travel time if they have 2 or more clients.
  • Travel Claim Form: A sample travel time form to claim hours spent traveling from one IHSS recipient to another IHSS recipient. IMPORTANT NOTE. This is only potentially necessary if your work with more 2 or more recipients.