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All Specialized Trainings are held at Homebridge at 1035 Market St. L-1 (between 6th St. & 7th St.). If you are taking public transportation, we are located just a half block from the Civic Center BART/MUNI station. The classes under the "Desired Class" field are available for registration and/or waitlist. Please note that being on the waitlist does not guarantee you a spot in the class. People on the waitlist will be taking slots from those who were registered that no-show. You will not know whether you made it into the class until the day of class when you show up. For example, if you are #5 on the waitlist, 5 registered people have to no-show for you to get into the class. Please note that if you are late, you may not be allowed in class. Please select the class(es) you would wish to take.
Some classes have reached maximum capacity. We are no longer accepting registrations/waitlists for the following: Thursday 8/23/18 How to Use a Mechanical Lift (English) 11am-1pm Friday 8/24/18 CPR/FA (English) 9am-5pm Tuesday 9/4/18-Thursday 9/27/18 Personal Caregiver Training (English) 5pm-8pm [training is held Monday-Thursday 5pm-8pm, class WILL be held Friday 9/7] Thursday 9/27/18 How to Use a Mechanical Lift (English) 11am-1pm Friday 9/28/18 CPR/FA (English) 9am-5pm
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