Transitional Care Services

Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Homebridge Transitional Care Services is a program in which hospitals contract with Homebridge to provide non-medical care to patients. Transitional Care is designed for:

  • Emergency Department patients who do not need to be admitted (are medically cleared) but are unable to go home by themselves or need additional home care; and

  • For patients who are being discharged after a hospital stay.

Hospital social workers or medical staff call a dedicated line answered by our answering service. One of our supervisors will call back within 15 minutes and discuss the patient's history and service required. 

One of our specially-trained home care providers will arrive at the hospital within two hours and accompany the patient home. They will perform home and personal care services as authorized in the care plan. 

If we go to the patient's home and determine additional services are necessary, our supervisor calls the hospital to discuss next steps. We can provide ongoing home care and case management services.