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Homebridge is excited to announce a new permanent wage increase for our entry-level home care workers ($2 above San Francisco's minimum wage)! We’re also rolling out a new incumbent-worker training program and career pathways that will get some of our home care workers up to $20/hour.


For over a year, Homebridge has been advocating to implement a Workforce Transformation that consists of a multi-tier ladder for Home Care Providers (HCP’s) based on skills development and training. We are excited that in January 2018, this proposal became a reality! The new workforce program – entitled “STEPS to Success” (Skills-Training & Employment Pathways) – will offers skill tiers, HCPs I through III, with base wages at a permanent differential above minimum wage of $2, $2.50, and $3. 

Within an 18 month period, Homebridge will identify, promote (based on a combination of performance and seniority) and provide upskill training to approximately 70% of the workforce, creating the HCP II and III tiers. The HCP I, II and III tiers are mapped to existing client cohorts in the SF Home Care Services Program and total available slots for each position will be dictated by the number of total service hours required in each cohort. 

Homebridge will launch a significant new recruitment effort in February 2018. It is our vision and our goal to return the HCP workforce to fully staffed within a 15-18 month period, to improve all aspects of recruitment and retention and to develop a more highly competitive and performance based  workforce which will allow us to scale up into the many opportunities that we perceive for continued growth within the City’s program framework, both within our existing IHSS contract as well as with future work from the Homelessness & Supportive Housing (HSH) department in new efforts to rapidly rehouse the City’s homeless population. Homebridge will be conducting a significant evaluation of the program’s impact on our workforce metrics in collaboration with Learning for Action (LFA), an agency with deep experience in workforce development analysis.  The initial design of the evaluation has been funded by the Walter & Elise Haas Fund with additional funds from Human Services Agency.


Support for Homebridge's Workforce Development and Training Department comes from:

  • San Francisco Human Services Agency;
  • San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development;
  • Women's Foundation of California; and
  • Metta Fund

Homebridge has developed a workforce development program that is constantly evolving to provide the best and most relevant support to our Home Care Provider workforce.

We know that the initial six months of employment as a Home Care Provider is a critical period that has a high failure rate. In order to support our Home Care Providers, Homebridge offers training, skill building, barrier removal, and other support programs that open training and career pathways that lead to living wage work.