Celebrating Black History Month by Tobias

Given the recent and ongoing political polarization, it’s safe to say 2019’s Black History Month will be met with more resistance and less admiration than usual. With that, I think it’s important that as an organization, who’s mission is to celebrate and support all walks of life, it’s our duty to recognize that specific genre within the chain.

The history of African-originated people in America is real, and grim.     Our current state could be described more positively, but also in a similarly formidable way as in the past. But obviously, the history still holds stories of triumph, unique discovery and the continuation of unfortunate degradation. As a person of any color on the racial spectrum, there’s nothing to be ashamed of within that timeline. We only request a look beyond the science of melanin and the skewed reckoning of the past. 

I encourage you to learn more, ask honest questions and make an attempt at genuine curiosity about what we’ve contributed to this young country. We understand that all lives matter, but congruently, black lives need to fit comfortably and respectively within that category of living, without scrutiny or complaint.

 Martin Luther King Jr. day - Jan 2019

In observance of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, Homebridge offices will close Friday, 1/18/19 at 3:00 PM and will be closed all day Monday, 1/21/2019.

Pilot program at Temporary Inclement Weather Shelters - Jan 2019

Homebridge is excited to announce we will be participating in a pilot program at Temporary Inclement Weather Shelters.

Background: During extreme weather events (rain, cold, heat, and smoke) the City opens one or more temporary pop-up shelters intended for use by populations experiencing homelessness. Shelters can be open for anywhere between several hours and several days.

Homebridge’s Role: Homebridge has been asked to assist identified shelter occupants with Activities for Daily Living (ADLs) while residing in the Temporary Inclement Weather Shelters. Shelter occupants are likely NOT Homebridge clients, and the services we will provide will primarily be personal care. We will not provide paramedical care in shelter environments, as this will be referred elsewhere. 

Homebridge Staff Compensation: Designated HCP IIs and IIIs will be paid $25 per hour for shifts in pop-up shelters. HCP 1s are ineligible at this time.

Next Steps: Please work with one of our receptionists to fill out the interest form in person, or call 415.255.2079. More information will be made available to those interested, including shelter training provided by SF Department and Supportive Housing at a time to be determined. 

Thank you for your interest in continuing to serve our community!

Medical & Prescription Co-Pay Reimbursement - Jan 19

For 2019, Homebridge employees will no longer be required to submit receipts to accounting for medical & prescription co-pay reimbursement.

Now, all full-time employees will be reimbursed up to $100 per year. When you have eligible co-pay receipts, you can submit them to BRI (Benefits Resource) – the same company that administers our commuter benefits and flexible spending accounts by:

Submitting it through the BRI app, or completing a claim form and faxing or mailing the form to BRI.

BRI will process the documents within five business days. Reimbursements will be provided via check or direct deposit. Info sheets and claim forms are available on the wall near reception.  If you have questions, contact Human Resources at 415.659.5326.



Homebridge for the Holidays - Dec 2018


This past holiday season was our third annual Homebridge for the Holidays, our client holiday gift fund. Our first year, we identified 50 of our most isolated clients for who receiving a gift made a world of difference. This year, with your incredible help, we were able to give nearly 600 clients gifts that provided a special impact in their lives.

The intimate knowledge of your clients and the care you show every day was demonstrated through the selecting of gifts, the care you took in wrapping, and the joy you showed when giving the gift.

Thank you for making a meaningful difference in the lives of clients every day – and for making this holiday a truly unique one for so many!



Happy retirement Nenita! - Dec 2018


After 24 years with Homebridge, our Accounting Manager Nenita is retiring at the end of December! Nenita was the second full-time employee ever hired by Homebridge and built our finance department from the ground up, stewarding the organization through its growth from a small collective to its current scale.

She has worked tirelessly behind the scenes in many capacities at Homebridge, from ensuring the highest level of accuracy in our finances to even starring in our bus advertising campaign a

few years ago!! We are deeply grateful for her dedicated and outstanding service to our staff and our clients, and we will deeply miss her diligence, kind heart, and attention to detail.

Thank you, Nenita!



End of the Year Party - Dec 2018

On Thursday, December 13th, we had our Annual Caregiver End of Year Party. This event was held to celebrate the many accomplishments you have made this year and to recognize your many years of service.

Delicious dinner and dessert was served, we continued the tradition of having a photo booth, and raffle prizes totaling in value over $2,000 – many donated by office staff colleagues – were given away!

This year, you have served over 1,400 clients (and 3 of those clients are over 100 years old!). Combined, you have about 3,000 years of caring service (average is 9+ years).

Because of the compassionate care that you provide, clients report an increase in their quality of life (such as reductions of hospitalizations and 911 calls).

Thank you to all our Homebridge Caregivers for all your hard work and dedication!