Class Descriptions


Common Risks of Hospitalization

Injury and infection among the elderly commonly lead to hospitalization. This training will highlight common risk factors and what providers can do to reduce the risks of hospitalization among their clients.

Communication & Listening Skills

2 Hours
As a personal care provider, the ability to effectively assess and address clients’ needs is crucial. This course will teach you how to hone your communication and listening skills to establish an open and respectful relationships with your client.

Community Safety

2 Hours
The goals of this module are to prepare participants to recognize unsafe situations and how to manage these situations while in the community.

Consumer & Worker Rights

2 Hours
Rights are defined as powers or privileges granted by an agreement or law. This training will highlight the rights both clients and workers have in direct-care work.

Dealing with Bed Bugs

2 Hours
A bed bug is an insect that feeds exclusively on blood. This training will help you to identify, manage and prevent the outbreak of bed bugs among the clients you serve.

Effective Caring for a Client with Dementia

2 Hours
This training will give an overview of dementia and offers increased insights in the causes and effects of this cognitive disorder. The primary focus is to provide the personal caregiver and assistant with specific techniques to help care for the client with dementia. Using case scenarios, personal caregivers and assistants will have the opportunity to put into practice the skills they learn.

Fall Prevention

6 Hours
Unintentional falls are a threat to the lives, independence and health of adults ages 65 and older. This training will increase your awareness of common risk factors and enhance your observation, reporting, and communication skills to reduce those risks.

Handling Challenging Situations

2 Hours
Participants will learn specific techniques to resolve situations without escalating the situation. They will learn specific techniques on how to effectively listen, calm themselves and meet an individual’s needs when encountering a challenging situation.

Hoarding & Cluttering

2 Hours
This training will illuminate the many challenges and opportunities that providers can consider to effectively address this behavior in older adults.

How & When to report Abuse

2 Hours
Abuse takes many forms—physical, sexual, psychological, and financial—as well as neglect. This training explains the responsibility of personal care providers to report abuse and neglect.

How to use a Mechanical Lift

2 Hours
The mechanical lift is commonly used to help transfer consumers from beds to wheelchairs and back again. This training is to refresh your skills in proper techniques when transferring consumers using a mechanical lift device.

Managing Diabetes

2 Hours
Diabetes is one of the most common diseases for middle aged and elderly, as well as one of the major cause of disability in US. This training will cover the manifestations of the disease, how to care for a client with diabetes and ways to reduce the risk of becoming diabetic. 

Managing Time & Stress

2 Hours
Personal care providers frequently report not having enough time to complete their tasks. On top of that, the work can be both physically demanding and emotionally challenging. This training helps to provide personal care providers with the tools and resources to manage time and stress.

MRSA: What You Need to Know

2 Hours
Students will learn the symptoms and causes of MRSA, including understanding who is most at risk and measures providers can take to prevent the spread of this highly contagious infection, commonly called “the super bug.”

Nutrition & the Consumer

2 Hours
You are what you eat! Bad eating habits may be detrimental to client's health. In this training, participants will learn how to read important dietary label and be able to make informative choices when going grocery shopping or planning a meal for the client. 

Preventing Bed Sores

2 Hours
A bed sore is an injury to the skin and the tissue underneath caused by pressure to the area. This training will help providers identify the early signs of bed sores and ways to protect further damage to clients’ skin.

Substance Abuse & Consumers

2 Hours
This training will help care providers recognize various controlled substances and how to manage a situation if they encounter consumer believed to be under the influence.

Team Building & Professionalism

2 Hours
The  training covers the importance of teamwork in assisting and supporting consumers and what it means to conduct oneself "professionally" as a direct care worker.

Understanding Body Mechanics

2 Hours
The work of a personal caregiver and assistant frequently requires physically lifting objects, equipment, and helping people move from one place or position to another, This lifting and assistance requires the use of proper body mechanics in order to avoid injuring oneself or the client.

Understanding Common Diseases

2 Hours
This training will help care providers understand the processes of degenerative diseases such as Diabetes, Arthritis, Parkinson’s and others.

Understanding Medications

2 Hours
This training focuses on common medications prescribed to our clients, their uses and possible side effects.


Understanding Mental illness

2 Hours
Working with clients who have a mental illness can be very challenging for direct-care workers. Learning about these conditions, what causes them, and how they affect clients and their families can help participants to overcome stereotypes and develop empathy.