Our Clients


Homebridge’s clients reflect the diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area and we are proud that we respect and celebrate differences.


Our clients have the ability to choose all aspects of their care. We pair clients with Homebridge staff that speak the same language, understand cultural backgrounds, and are responsive to client preferences to gender, pet ownership, and things like sensitivity to use of scented products.


Everyone is unique. Our care is tailored to the individual, no matter how complex their health and social needs.




Our work is delivered via small care teams comprised of a team lead who provides case management for clients and supports trained caregivers. Our teams work closely together within a geographic region and build close relationships between the client and caregiver. These relationships allow Homebridge to intimately monitor and track the health and well-being of our clients. Our commitment to outcomes-based care is unique in our field.



Whole Person Care

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All of our staff are trained in a philosophy of care that puts the client at the center. Incorporating a strengths-based approach that includes harm reduction and motivational interviewing strategies, we meet clients where they are at, often providing stabilization that allows them to continue living safely in their homes, then help our clients make informed goals and choices that lead to better care.

Want to become a client?

In order to become a Homebridge client, you must apply through IHSS services.