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Sunshine Compliance Policy

We invite members of the public — particularly those who are Homebridge clients — to participate in Homebridge’s next sunshine Board of Directors meeting that will be held on May 7, 2019 at Homebridge’s San Francisco office. Contact us for more details.

As a nonprofit agency doing business with the City & County of San Francisco, Homebridge complies with the Nonprofit Public Access Ordinance. Homebridge’s policy sets forth the categories of information we make available to the public and how members of the public may request that information. The policy also explains public meetings of the Homebridge Board of Directors, as well as how members of the public may participate in those public meetings.

Public Access to Meetings:
Homebridge holds periodic and scheduled Board of Director meetings. Twice a year, Homebridge invites the public to attend and participate in Board of Director meetings. These Homebridge Board meetings are designated as public meetings. During these two public meetings, we welcome members of the public to directly address the Board of Directors on any item relating to Homebridge’s operations or services provided, to comment on the Board of Director’s membership, and/or to nominate themselves or others for appointment to the Board of Directors. Homebridge will announce the dates of these meetings at least 30 days in advance through the San Francisco Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, the San Francisco Public Library, and on our website.

Public Access to Records:
In the interest of transparency and compliance, Homebridge makes the following financial information available for public inspection:

  • our most recent budget provided to the City & County of San Francisco,

  • most recent State and Federal tax returns, and

  • any financial or performance audits performed for the City & County of San Francisco in connection to a contract.

These documents may be reviewed at Homebridge’s offices during regular business hours. Alternatively, photocopies will be made for you upon request, and must be pre-paid at the expense of the requester at a cost of $0.10 per page. With receipt of your pre-payment, a full set of documents can be copied and mailed to you via regular U.S. mail within 10 business days.

Community Representation:
Homebridge strives to include on its Board of Directors individuals who represent the community, including one or more individuals who are recipients of Homebridge’s services.   

Contact Homebridge's Chief of Staff, Andrew Adams, at aadams@homebridgeca.org or 415-255-2079.