Staff & Department Spotlight


Department Spotlight: Human Resources

Meet the new HR team! The Human Resources department would like to welcome Ana (HR Generalist) and Jessica (HR Admin. Assistant) to their team!

Jessica, Director of Talent Development:

- Provides strategic vision for the organization

- Oversees HR, Workforce Development, and Training Departments

- Addresses all employee relations for directors and above

- Manages the operations of the HR Department

- Leads the HR Team, Addresses all Managers and Administrative staff 

  on employee relations issues and concerns

Jose, HR Manager:
- Addresses Home Care Provider (HCP) employee relations issues

- Works with Care Supervisors and Care Team Managers on HCP coaching and performance

- Responsible for the processing of HCP FMLA

 Ana, HR Generalist:

- Addresses Home Care Provider (HCP) employee relations issues

- Works with Care Supervisors and Care Team Managers on HCP coaching and performance

- Responsible for the processing of HCP FMLA

Julie HR Benefits Administrator:

- Responsible for the managing of all employee benefits

- Key HR personnel during Open Enrollment and benefit audits

- Employment verifications

- Employee garnishment management

Jessica R, HR Administrative Assistant:

- Provides administrative support to the HR Team

- HCP’s New Hire Orientation

- Enters employee’s data into ADP and PROCURA

Alex, Workforce Development and Training Analyst:

- Handles all administrative recruitment, promotions, and onboarding planning 

- Cross departmental and HR project coordination

Department Spotlight: Paramedical & Specialized Team

The Paramedical and Specialized Team aims to ensure that our Caregivers (HCPs) have the training and confidence they need to meet the needs of our most complex clients. Nurse Case Manager (NCM) Jordan and Specialized Training Coordinators (STCs) Hollice and Melanie provide hands-on training to our HCPs in our clients’ homes and during training sessions in the Homebridge office. We also assist team members with assessment for durable medical equipment needs for our clients, as well as coordination when clients are discharged from a hospital or another facility back home. We partner with the Training Department to ensure our HCP IIs and IIIs receive advanced paramedical skill training. Finally, we are here as a resource to answer questions and provide support to the entire Homebridge team caring for high-needs clients. 

Please let our team know if there is anything we can help you with! 



Department Spotlight: Workforce Development - April 2019

The Workforce Development department is here to provide support services and partner with you in advancing your career at Homebridge and beyond! 

Our team consists of Rona (Workforce Development Specialist) and Karen (Workforce Development Coordinator). 

What services do we provide?

Work/life barrier support: Work/life barriers can definitely present challenges to individuals. Our department can help you find community resources to help minimize your barriers. Barriers can include housing, finding food assistance programs, child care support, and much more.

Career Advancement: We are here to partner with you in achieving advancement in your career through coaching and guidance. As you advance through Homebridge’s STEPs to Success HCP II & HCP III training programs you will meet with us for a one-on-one coaching session.   

Maybe you are ready to go back to school, we can help you explore that too!

Not sure what your next step is? Call us and we can start exploring your opportunities.  

How can you schedule a coaching session? You can reach out to your supervisor and/or call a member of the Workforce Development team.

Workforce Development contact information:

Rona: 415-659-5306

Karen: 415-432-5831


2 Questions with Tigran

How long have you been at Homebridge and what do you do?

I’m a Manager of Care Teams, I work on daily routines and also long-term projects in the Programs department. I’ve been working at Homebridge for almost 2 years.

What do you love about working at Homebridge?

I like the open innovative culture the most. It’s easy when you have such a busy job to just get through the day and do the work the way it has always been laid out and always been done. Homebridge allows their staff to question things such as “Are we doing the work or are we doing the work the right way.” Homebridge does not only allow conversation but also encourages it.


Department Spotlight: Recruiting Department -March 2019

Welcome to Recruiting! 

Aryn and Saralany champion Homebridge recruitment efforts. Each day we review applications, conduct interviews, and venture across the Bay Area to find people who care about the communities we serve. 

We rely on the feedback and support of our entire team of co-workers, from Home Care Providers to Chiefs & Directors, to inform how we source and recruit new caregivers. 

FOR HOMEBRIDGE STAFF ONLY: Recruiting is also a resource for you! Whether you have questions about your team’s staffing needs or want to know more about the Homebridge Employee Referral Bonus Program ($$), we can help! Email us at for more info. 

See you soon!


2 Questions with Tina

How long have you been at Homebridge and what do you do?

I’ve been at Homebridge for over three years in various roles. I began as a Scheduler, worked as an HCP Supervisor in San Mateo, and worked in our Transitional Care program. Currently, I work as a Timekeeping Supervisor where I support Caregivers by verifying client visits, and making sure meal breaks, travel time, and paid time off are accurate. I’m available to talk to Caregivers if there’s a question about their paycheck and act as a bridge to Care Supervisors.


What do you love about working at Homebridge?

At Homebridge, we’re all intertwined like a beautiful spider web. We’re like a family; sometimes there are difficult times and sometimes there are really fun times, but we always come together to make it work. By the time 5 o’clock hits, I love knowing that we all made a difference and many fantastic things happened: a client made it to their doctors’ appointment, two Caregivers worked together to help a client, or a client has a fridge full of food when before it was empty.

Tina copy.jpg

Department Spotlight: IT department - February 2019


Many people only think of the Information Technology department when their computer is broken, systems aren’t working and they want things fixed…now!  But did you know there’s much more to IT than just frozen PC’s, endless rebooting and frustrating printer jams? 

The Homebridge IT department handles all the organization’s technology and works behind the scenes to identify and resolve issues before they occur.  We are a five-person team that deploys and troubleshoots desktops, laptops, servers, printers, office phones and mobile devices.  

We also configure and monitor the networking equipment that allows systems to communicate. 

We are like the ligaments of the Homebridge organism -- the connective tissue that joins everything.

together and keeps the organization flexibly and securely in motion! 

The department focuses much of its time supporting Procura, the software that enables the scheduling and delivery of our valuable services to clients. The IT team also partners with each department to improve cloud-based systems like ADP for payroll, Salesforce for Training and Workforce Development, and Office 365 for business applications.  

We aim to maintain 99% uptime and 100% customer satisfaction, so please let us know how we can help. Feel free to visit us in the office and share your concerns and recommendations. There are always improvements to be made, and we’re here to make them!


2 Questions with Lali


How long have you been at Homebridge and what do you do?

I’ve been with Homebridge for three and a half years. My current role is Training Manager where I oversee our training department, liaise with the Public Authority, am in charge of scheduling trainings, and partner with the programs team.

While everyone knows that we train our own Caregivers, not everyone knows that we also are responsible for training In-Home Supportive Services independent providers and registry workers. One of the things I’m most excited about is our re-design of New Hire Training for our Caregivers that took six months of planning. Now, as part of their training, new Caregivers are shadowing other Caregivers. 

What do you love about working at Homebridge?

I love that the people I work with are the most caring and compassionate people that I’ve ever worked with at any job. Homebridge’s Caregivers really look out for the clients and they do everything they can to help. Seeing this makes me want to do better and motivates me to have Homebridge make an even larger impact in the community because we really do change lives.