Mark’s Column

Our executive director, Mark Burns writes a newsletter column each month for Homebridge staff.


August 2019

Would you like to make $30 an hour? Or more? Do you dream of being a Care Supervisor, a Manager or maybe even a nurse? We want you to dream big and we want to help you get there.

While we’d really love it if everyone wanted to become an HCP I and stay with us forever and ever, caring for clients and just getting better with each passing year, we recognize that you want, need, and deserve the opportunity to use your hard work to advance your skills and your income. So we want to help you on that path. That’s what HCP IIs and IIIs are all about. 

 And more recently, we’ve had many of our employees move from providing care at home to jobs in field support, specialized paramedical support, and in supervising care teams just like the one you’re on now. We’ve also had Care Supervisors and Schedulers move into jobs as managers both in home care and in other areas of the organization such as human resources and facilities. We want you to go as far as you want and we want to help. That’s why we have job coaches and other staff, including care team managers and people in the HR department who would love to talk to you about your goals. Me included.

 Next stop? More opportunities to grow through specialized trainings and supervision responsibilities inside, and even programs that will help you find the next big step outside of Homebridge for those of you who would like to move on into advanced healthcare fields. Work hard, dream big! We want to make that happen for you.

June 2019

For those of you who are flourishing at Homebridge, those of you who are loving this work and are looking to stay with us for many years, you already understand what I am saying to our new folks. These three simple “tips to success” are not unique insights of mine but are collective learning over our many years of community service. 

# 1. Be on time:  Managing your own time effectively so that you are always on time is a reflection of your own commitment to your success. It says, “I’m in charge of me!” It is a sign of respect for all of your collaborators, including your client.  

#2. Ask for help: Everyone who works at Homebridge who is NOT a caregiver is here to make caregivers successful at their job. It’s just that simple! If you aren’t getting the help you want, ask someone else. Go to your supervisor, their supervisor, a job coach or someone in HR.  Speak to a trainer, a SRC – just ask for help. We want you to ask, we are here for you to ask – just ask.

#3. Have compassion: Long term caregivers will tell you that this is the single thing that they do to be successful at their jobs – have compassion for your clients. Somedays it might not feel like you are getting the respect back that you give – and that’s okay. Just because you don’t hear it from clients does not mean they don’t appreciate your care – they do. You make a huge difference just by showing up (and by being on time!).

May 2019

Do you realize how important you are in the life of your client? You are truly a Super Hero!

While somedays it may not seem like much, and many days your client doesn’t make you feel important – nonetheless, you have amazing impact. Without you, your client’s life would be much harder to bear.

With you in their lives, your clients experience literally half as many calls to 911, half as many emergency room visits, and half as many unnecessary hospital stays. Because of your dedication and hard work, your clients are half as likely to miss doctor’s appointments, miss taking their medication, and even are half as likely to face an unnecessary eviction. Without your attention and care, many of your clients might even be living in a nursing home right now -- not a very nice place to be spending your time. Or worse, they might be living on the street.  So you see, you absolutely are a LIFE SAVER!

Somedays you may not feel much like a super hero, but the numbers tell a different story.  When you connect with a client, when you succeed in becoming a part of their daily routines, then you change their lives for the better – in the most amazing ways. Just like a super hero – saving the world, one person at a time!

So – thanks. You may not always hear that from the clients, but know in your hearts that you are making a very real, very important difference in their world every day.

April 2019

Time to Change! Time to change the time! Changing of the Seasons. Change is in the air.  Spring Forward!  Nothing is constant in life except change. Change is the new normal.

Change is hard. Why does everything have to change? For our clients, change can be disruptive to important routines, upsetting and even frightening. The work you do in just showing up CAN be a meaningful moment that brings a sense of stability and normalcy to lives that are all too frequently filled with uncertainty and a feeling of vulnerability. You can be the change by being the rock, the steady daily influence, the reminder that they are still connected and remembered in a world that may seem to be moving out of control around them. 

That’s true, and yet at the same time the reality is that you, too, must manage your way through change. Changing schedules, changing supervisors, changing technology and changing rules.  

Managing Change is a critical life skill and it will be a central part of your success at Homebridge, because – yes, change is the only real constant in life. But for our clients, you can be that rock – your ability to handle change and filter the impact of change on our clients can be a strength and support – for both of you.Your supervisors, Support Retention Coordinators, the Workforce Development team, and instructors are here to help you develop better change management skills – talk to them.

As Michael Jackson sang in “Man in the Mirror:”

“I’m gonna make a change,

For once I’m my life

It’s gonna feel real good,

Gonna make a difference

Gonna make it right.”

March 2019

In 2018, Homebridge negotiated a higher wage for 100% of our Caregivers from a starting hourly wage of $15 to $17. Also this past year, over 50% of Homebridge’s Caregivers experienced an additional wage increase because you took the initiative to get additional training and skills and move from HCP I to HCP II or HCP III. We even have six Support and Retention Coordinators and three Care Supervisors who are former Caregivers.

We’re so excited to see so many of you progress in your career! Not only does moving up mean additional wages and a title change, but most importantly, it means you are getting more confident with new training and skills so you can have an even greater impact on our clients. 

If you’re interested in advancing your career at Homebridge, please talk to your Care Supervisor. Our Workforce Development team is actively looking for Caregivers to promote!

February 2019

 Stormy Weather

I have a favorite saying, “Wherever you go, bring your own sunshine.” Wow, is that a good attitude to have in the midst of all these downpours! As Californians, we all know how important all this rain is to our State – reducing the risk forest fires, increasing access to drinking water and helping all the agriculture of the Central Valley. But, boy oh boy, it is a real pain when you’re trying to get to work and in-between home visits.  Let’s admit it – a little rain may be nice but all this rain is just depressing. At least we are all able to get out and about, while so many of our clients become even more isolated during rainy weather by being stuck inside. And, of course, more isolation, getting stuck inside so much, can add to the depression and anxiety that is so common among those we care for.  

So now more than ever your visit becomes a critical element of care. Just showing up and bringing “your own sunshine” to our clients’ homes can be the very thing they need most. So instead of grumping about the wind and rain, think of yourself as a great big ball of sunshine, bringing light and warmth into your clients’ homes on gloomy, lonely days – because that’s exactly who you are to them.  Shine on!

January 2019

Tell them that you care. We often take that for granted, don’t we? All of us. We don’t take time out enough to say ‘thank you’ and ‘I care about you’ — to our friends and families, to our co-workers, to our clients or even to ourselves. It is such an easy thing to do, to stop just for a moment and express gratitude and compassion. And it works miracles in our own lives and the lives of others. At this time of year, more than any other, we can feel lonely and sometimes lost. With all of the commercialism, the shiny things, the holiday “celebrations” going on around us, somewhere deep inside we have moments of emptiness. This can be more true for our clients than for many others, because this seasonal “busy-ness” can leave them feeling forgotten by the world that spins so noisily and quickly around them.

Please take a moment to tell your clients that they are important to you. Create a moment of deeper connection with them and thank them for letting you be a part of their lives. Share that same message with your co-workers and with others you meet on a daily basis. Share a little bit even if it’s outside your comfort zone and see what it

gets you in return. A smile, a moment of shared appreciation, a connection of joy. Happy New Year to you all.

December 2018

Keep your cup full! As Caregivers, you are rooted in compassion for others. For you, it’s give, give, give — very often at your own expense. Taking care of yourself — your personal business, your health, your sense of well-being, frequently takes a back seat to your busy life and your obligations to others,particularly the needs of the clients you care for. But if your cup is “running on empty” you have less to give — no one can drink from an empty cup! If you aren’t feeling good about yourself, your health and your own life, then the burdens of caring for others and their problems can be overwhelming and even damaging to you. So, remember that YOU are Job #1.

Make sure to take time to “fill your cup” so that others can benefit from what you have to share. This is especially true around holidays — clients are feeling lonely and isolated more than ever, and they depend more on you now than at most times of year. Similarly, you are feeling the demands on your own life more now than at most times. Be mindful of that — it is especially important to keep that cup filled at holiday time. So take time out to do what “fills you up” the best, be it rest, friends, meditation, church or loved ones — take good care of you so that you can share yourself with others who count on you.


November 2018

I am struck by the many new faces of Homebridge and am moved by the realization we all share a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of others. I want to remind you (or tell you, if you’re new!) about two important Homebridge holiday traditions.

First is the tradition of supporting our Caregivers who are the face of Homebridge and doing the most difficult and rewarding work of making sure our clients stay safe and at home. As part of this, every year we hold a party to honor you, recognize your valuable work, and enjoy an evening dedicated to you. This year, we will be holding our Caregiver End of Year Party on Friday, December 14th from 5-7.30pm. I hope you all will join for a wonderful evening; more details will be shared in the coming weeks.

Our second tradition is to make sure our clients are remembered during the holiday season. This will be our third year of Homebridge for the Holidays – our annual client gift campaign. As you know, many of our clients will not hear from their family nor will they receive any gifts during the holiday season. Over the next week, Homebridge staff will be collecting gift suggestions for all of our clients. Every client will receive a holiday card and we’ll try to give as many gifts as possible.

Looking forward to celebrating your impact on clients and bringing a heartfelt smile to clients this holiday season!


October 2018

Did you know that Homebridge advocates for better pay? Every day, we are working to improve your professional stature through training that advances skills, technology that supports and connects, and by advancing the importance of your work and the awareness of your impact with the people and systems that fund your jobs.

This past January, all Homebridge Caregivers earned the same minimum wage as other caregivers in the County’s IHSS Program, but today Homebridge caregivers earn between $2 to $5 per hour above minimum wage depending upon skill levels attained in training and types of work performed. Career advancement opportunities exist: through apprenticeships, through opportunities to move up in job tiers from HCP I to HCP III, and onward to Support and Retention Coordinator, and now even to Care Supervisor, where you can oversee your own team of Caregivers in a small care team. But we won’t stop there! We aim to be the very best employer of Caregivers in California and to give you the greatest opportunity to create a rewarding career — both at Homebridge and beyond — as far as your aspirations will take you.

September 2018

Homebridge has changed a lot the past several years: the introduction of Procura mobile, Caregiver uniforms, the HCP I, II and, III job categories, and more recent opportunities for Caregivers to become Support & Retention Coordinators and Care Supervisors. Change excites us, because change moves us forward.

Change can also be challenging. Many Caregivers have changing client assignments in order to create smaller care teams, upsetting many longer-term relationships. But we know that small care teams work better – both for you and for the client. We studied this and thought about this for a long time before we implemented the changes you are now seeing. We know that Caregivers in small teams have greater job satisfaction: they travel less, care for clients more, and even earn bigger paychecks. Caregivers also feel more connected: to each other, to their teams, and to the organization. We know clients feel better supported, experience fewer service gaps, and once they become used to their new team members, accept more service from the organization.

Please trust us, we believe we are making Homebridge and our clients lives better for the change. You’ll see.