Homebridge was founded in 1985 by a group of non-profit community-based organizations who wanted to improve the delivery of In-Home Supportive Services in San Francisco. 

Over time, we evolved to become one organization while retaining deep relationships with our partners in service. In March 2015, we changed our name from In-Home Supportive Services Consortium to Homebridge.

As San Francisco has changed, we have adapted and refined our approach to care that fits the needs of an increasingly complex society and the people who call it home.  

Throughout our history, Homebridge has provided home care and supportive services to clients throughout the Bay Area, trained thousands of caregivers, and partnered with hospitals to safely transition patients home.  

Today, Homebridge’s innovative, client-centered model of care consists of continually trained small care teams that assist and support clients in achieving their individualized goals. Our care is designed to tailor to the personal, changing, and frequently-intensive needs of our clients. We celebrate our diversity and are proud that our staff of 350 Caregivers and 100 support and administrative staff represent dozens of cultures and backgrounds and speaker over 25 languages.