Success Stories


Our caregivers can be incredibly patient and compassionate that can change our client's lives. Here are some of our caregiver's success stories.



Peggy is one example of Homebridge Caregivers who do amazing things and shine even in the most challenging circumstances. 

Peggy is a very attentive person and has been Richard’s caregiver for over two years. Their dynamic is very wholesome; Peggy is constantly making sure that Richard is taken care of at all times. She helps him with daily tasks such as cleaning his room and gets along with Salami (Richard’s dog).

Peggy has a strong maternal spirit and is constantly making sure that Richard and his environment are safe and sound. At times, Richard may disagree with her and they may not see eye-to-eye all the time, but he knows she really cares and has his back. “Peggy is above and beyond, she is a real trooper,” said Richard.

In one particular incident, Richard’s wallet got stolen with his rent money in it, which made him in danger of getting evicted. Peggy came to the rescue and was able to find him a free lawyer that took his case. Peggy, along with her Small Care team and the resources that she found, were able to help Richard stay in his home with donations to pay a few months of rent in advance. This very stressful and negative situation was able to be turned around with amazing results due to Peggy’s actions and incredible determination. 

Thank you, Peggy!




Jesse is a very caring and thoughtful Caregiver that has been working with Homebridge for only six months. “He’s a natural Caregiver and is concerned about everybody,” says Homebridge client, Susie. 

Susie has had many different Caregivers in the past, but in accepting services with a new provider, it was essential that her new Caregiver love dogs. Jesse is also a dog lover and he got along well with Susie’s dog Lollipup right away, or as Susie says, “Lollipup approved of Jesse.” 

Jesse and Susie have a very strong relationship and practice great communication. They have come up with a plan to be more productive: they talk about Susie’s projects and goals while she takes notes. Then, as they accomplish things, they cross them off the list to help stay on track. They have even coordinated in preparing Lollipup for a dog show. “We work well together because I have trouble talking at times and he knows what I need and is very attentive.” Says Susie.  

Jesse, who previously taught preschool and worked at the City’s Parks & Rec department, says open communication and being open to constructive criticism is important to him. “It’s been challenging, but Susie has offered a lot of emotional support and valuable feedback in bettering myself and furthering my career.”  

Thank you, Jesse! 



Homebridge_Constanza Hevia H._WEB-55.jpg

“I wouldn’t know what to do without Norien,” says Homebridge client Jeffrey. Norien, who has been working with Jeffrey for three years, excels at meeting clients where they are and working to create a lasting bond that benefits the long-term health of clients. 

Many of Norien’s clients have critical behavioral and cognitive challenges, and Norien provides a very calm and attentive approach which has led to many of her clients asking for her to be their Caregiver. 

Norien, who worked at a nursing home in the Philippines before moving to the U.S., has worked as a Caregiver with Homebridge for over 15 years. Her career of taking care of clients with understanding and compassion inspired her two daughters, now ages 24 and 27, to both become registered nurses.

We asked Norien how she handles clients during her most difficult days. Norien says she stays open minded, stays patient, gives clients choices and boundaries, and doesn’t give up. 

Thank you Norien, your work is inspirational!




Because of failing health, Larry lost one of his legs, became reclusive, and stopped regularly eating. He would fall out of bed and since he was unable to get off the floor by himself, he had to call 911 every day. 

Luckily, our Caregiver Daphyne did not give up on him. Daphyne cares deeply about Larry, she makes him food and buys his favorite candy (which makes Larry very happy).

Because of Daphyne’s dedication and care, Larry has gone through a big transformation. He hasn’t needed to call 911 in months because he doesn’t fall out of bed anymore, he is taking care of himself, he is also eating, he is more relaxed, and he is going outside again! Daphyne has also changed too; “This job is motivating,” Daphyne said. “I had so many problems in my own life, but now I’m stronger in my own life, I’m stronger because I’m helping others. Through applying myself, I’m more patient, more on point, and I am meeting my clients wherever they are.”

Thank you Daphyne for being such a great Caregiver! Your work is truly amazing.