Tips for Homebridge Caregivers


Elgie - Jan 2019

Always be professional. First impressions last forever. The first time you meet a client it is critical to do your best and to show that you’re there to help and want to build trust. 

One way of doing this is to look professional by having good hygiene and wearing your uniform. That’s a good start to ease the clients mind that you can help them. Also, make sure you are studied on the client’s needs. And ask a lot of questions about what the client really needs you to do for them.

Be respectful, and remember you are there to help. Sometime there are things you may not know about. So be willing to call a supervisor or able to call an EMT, if necessary.

If you come prepared and ask the right questions, it will demonstrate that you’re trying to help the client and you are professional.

Ivania - Dec 2018

I’ve been part of Homebridge for 11 years and in each day I served our clients with the respect, dignity, kindness, patience, and compassion they deserve. Homebridge has been a second family to me; they have supported and motivated me to grow as a Caregiver and now as a Support & Retention Coordinator (SRC).

Here are a few tips for being a great Caregiver: Be professional, dedicated, and attentive. It’s more than just being on time; one needs to be patient and not let emotions interfere when serving a difficult client. You need to be your client’s eyes and ears by paying attention to every small detail. Listen and talk with your client to show him or her that you care about their wellbeing. At the end, they will feel acknowledged and respected. Remember, there’s always a nice life-story to every client. Be grateful and humble even in challenging situations, the work you do everyday is meaningful and humanitarian.

Push yourself to make a difference in their lives. Don’t forget, you have a shoulder to lean-on, youare not alone and can always find support from SRC’s and/or Homebridge staff.

Serena - Nov. 2018

It gives me great honor as a former provider and your new Support & Retention Coordinator (SRC) to share a couple of tips that made my job as a provider rewarding and enjoyable. My hope is that by reading this, Caregivers will come to love being a provider as much as I did and want to advance and share tips that worked for them with future providers.

Along with reading the care plan to prepare myself, I discovered that by including clients in tasks, by asking

their opinions and suggestions, it gave them a sense of independence and control of their life. I used this technique with challenging clients as well, making it easier on myself and the client. By utilizing this method, I found that a good rapport was built and at the end of my shift clients expressed gratitude which in turn left me feeling good about myself and my accomplishments.

When I felt overwhelmed, I knew I could call Homebridge office for support. As your new SRC I will offer the same support to ensure providers do the best they can, and clients are happy with the services they receive.